Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Won't Mr. President Call Me?

For those of you who know me, know that I will not go quietly into the night. I am frustrated and mad as hell, and do not want to take it anymore (sounds like the movies,eh?). SO here is what I know for sure;
1. Anyone who has a health insurance plan will have their plan change as of 1/1/11. It will most likely change for the better and it will most likely cost more money.
2. Anyone who gets a new policy as of 9/23/10 will automatically get the new and improved version of the plan that they are purchasing and yes, it will cost more money.
3. Anyone who doesn't have coverage because they can't afford it and thinks that they will receive a "free" plan from Mr. President is wrong. Nothing in life is free, and you better believe that our congress is tired of giving anything away for free.

Let us be realistic. How can they change the health care plans, if there are no jobs in the United States for our citizens to work so that they can make money and pay for their plans? How can they offer a plan to the people of our country that will cost them money and not be as good as what Congress and Mr. President use themselves? I would LOVE to do an application on each and everyone of them and see who gets approved and if they get approved see what riders come with the plan, or what rate-up comes with the plan.

I wish just one Governor, Senator, or Represntative of Congress would call me....I'd tell them. WHat a shame that the deception continues. What a shame that the standards that are for COngress or not for us. I though this was America, where it was the home of the free and the brave and were the good guy finishes first. I guess I was wrong now wasn't I.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Assurant Health

There was an article in the Chicago Tribune regarding a young lady who got a policy on her own and then got sick and had all sorts of problems. I read the article and I sent the writer of the paper this reply;

Dear Jon, first let me introduce myself to you. My name is Margie Mack and I am a health insurance agent that works for Health Care Solution Team out of Lombard, Illinois. I have also worked with Assurant Health for over 8 years (as well as other carriers). I read that article today and I have to say I felt for Romy. I understand the frustration of having no coverage and or obtaining it but finding it unaffordable or not being what I thought I had purchased.

As I read this article I found myself wondering who the agent was that had helped her obtain this "short-term" policy that she got. Then reading farther down I see that she was a former administrator for an insurance broker and did the policy herself. It seems to me that she must have realized that she was getting a plan that was for the "what ifs" and that it was short-term policy and was suppose to do just what she thought, and that was to protect her in the event that something like this happened. I have seen this before with all companies where a client gets a plan, thinks that they are safe, or does it on their own without the complete knowledge of the plan and then something happens and they feel like they are getting shafted.

She made a statement in this article that she chose a $2500 deductible as well as a $2500 co-insurance plan leaving her $5000 out of pocket in the event that something happened to her. So, then again she did know her plan. Being in the industry and helping all my clients as I do, I see where in some cases if something like this happens then there is a slow process of getting claims paid because the company has to do their due diligence and make sure that the client didn't have the history of the illness that the claims are for. If they did have a history of an illness and they tell us that in their application then it will be covered or have a CSD (condition specific deductible) attached, but if they said nothing...well then the insurance company is correct in not paying because that would be a false application on the clients part.

You also mentioned that Problem Solvers had to contact the hospital where she had been treated because they were taking their time in getting the records to the insurance company. That happens quite a bit and once again if a person has an agent working for them then we get involved and make sure that all the steps are being completed. It took me 8 months one time to get a woman approved and she has been my client for over 5 years! So now this young lady is back on that $1300 a month Cobra plan, what a shame. Having been there,done that routine, there are always ways to find good and affordable coverage if the agent that you are working with is honest and has the education that they need to explain the plans correctly. This is where I see so many problems. It is not the "insurance company." That company explains the plan and the details and the benefits and the pitfalls in black and white and if an agent doesn't explain it or a person obtains a plan without the proper knowledge then everyone usually suffers.

With Assurant Health they have a benefit that a client can attach to pay their deductible and coinsurance in full in the event that they become hurt or critically ill, per person, per occurrence. I have this on almost all of my clients plans and in fact I had one client here today working with me as we process his claim because he got hurt at home and had to have surgery. I can go on and on but as far as I see it Assurant Health is fair. This company does what it promises. They work with us, the insurance agents one on one, and if there is anyway possible to help the client, cover the client or offer alternative to the client they will do it. I see so much of the anguish of health insurance everyday that I have to be positive when working with people because having no insurance myself, it is a long and lonely road. Please feel free to contact me if you every want to talk about this or if you ever need any help in what you do. Have a good day.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am really angry today because I have the ability to help so many and no matter how many times I call, you won't call back!
Do you want affordable health care?
Do you want a premium that will not go up for 24 to 36 months?
Do you want Dr visits?
Do you want a drug card?
How about $25 million in benefits?
Would you like it if you ever got hurt or critically ill you wouldn't have ot meet your deductible, ever?

Why won't you call me?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fighting the Fight

When I was young I can remember my grandfather being very private about whom he voted for during the election for our president. My grandma was handicapped and in a wheel chair and so the voting official would come to their home and grandma would vote by herself in the kitchen and then grandpa would vote in the living room also in private. It was the only time that I can remember while being raised by them that they didn't discuss the decision that they has made on their vote. But this I do remember about their patriotism.

On the 4th of July they would go outside and raise the American Flag. We lived at the end of a dirt country road and the only audience most of the time were the squirrels, rabbits and occasional deer that would come by to see what we were up to. Oh, I can remember when someone who was lost came all the way down to the end of the road and would turn around on our small driveway and grandpa would say "they may be lost but at least they know that they are in America!"

They cried together watching on their small black and white television when President Kennedy was shot. They yelled at the same television set when they watched the riots that ravaged our city if Chicago. They laughed at classic TV shows such as Jackie Gleason and the Carol Burnett show. They loved every single season and all the weather it brought each year. They loved their family and all neighbors for they considered us all the same, humans walking together in a great country on a greater Mother Earth.

I choose not to see the constant news that brings nothing but lies, deceit, despair and hate for our fellow man. I choose not to allow this downhill spiral of negativity that flows from each and every single news source like the water that flows through the Fox River. I choose to love my fellow man and see the good that there is in each of us and believing without all doubt that our town, our state, out country and our world will be saved.

What do you choose?

Peace, Margie

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama;

My name is Margie Mack and I am writing to you because I am a health insurance agent and have to relay how I feel. I am proud of the fact that you are taking the issue of our health care here in this country seriously. I have been a health insurance agent for 7 years and what I have had to deal with would be something that could be a best seller. As an insurance agent you would think that my husband and I would be able to have coverage, right? But we don’t. Dan and I have not had health insurance coverage for approximately 9 years now.
What happened was I worked at Comcast 9 years ago and I was having trouble with the position I was in and opted to leave me job. When I got the conversion rate from the group policy I was on to the Cobra that was offered it was a staggering $832 a month and my husband was an independent furniture mover who did not carry the insurance for us. So, I figured I would find another job right away and get insurance right away so I canceled it. Big mistake for about 2 weeks after I cancelled it my husband had a heart attack.
Wow, what a wake up call. Not only did he have a heart attack but they insisted on doing heart surgery and the cardiac doctor told my husband that he was permanently retired from his line of work. That was all he knew how to do and he was a very hard worker. He would move 20,000 pounds of furniture in one day and feel great. When Dan heard this he broke, completely and well he was never the same man as he was before. He couldn’t get any disability because he was considered “re-educationable” and he never went passed the 9th grade due to a terrible injury he had at 13 years old. Life as we had known it had permanently changed for us. We had to file bankruptcy and I decided to find a job where I could make the difference and protect people from what I had been thorough.
So that is what I do. My daughter-in-law and I work as independent agents that work out of a MGA (Managing General Agency) and we help find new coverage, maintain old coverage and also manage our clients policy. We do not get a salary and we strictly on commission. It is a hard line but the return from our clients is wonderful. We have built a very good client base on trust and the fact that we will never let anything happen to them. It isn’t easy in our economy and there are many, many clients who have to restructure what they have. I have to become a parent to many of them and say “you have to trim the fat in your plan. Your insurance is only there to pay for the things that you cannot.” I have a blog that I send them to (not that they read it) Website:www.bellytobelly-margie.blogspot.com and unlike most agents, Jeannette (my daughter-in-law) and I fight to get the premium down with the most protection there is even though that doesn’t line our pockets.
We work primarily with Assurant Health because they offer their plans that actually protect our clients. What I hear is that almost all clients want doctor office visits, low deductible’s and wellness benefits as well as a low premium. That animal doesn’t exist if you are overweight, smoke, have illnesses such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol or any anxiety issues which we all seem to have now a days. So I show them how my husband and I take care of us without insurance.
They don’t always go for it and seem that they can get instant gratification elsewhere but they always seem to come back to me at one time or another. The plans that we see through Assurant health have $25 million in lifetime benefits, no premium increases for 36 months, wellness, drug card, and also a benefit that pays for the clients entire out of pocket in case of any accidents or critical illnesses that may occur (but a small $250 deductible applies to only the accident part of the plan. The premiums are competitive and most medical conditions are accepted or if not they have plans that actually help people that cannot get the “normal” plan.
I hope that I could someday have the opportunity to sit with you and actually share some of my ideas that I have. There is so much we can do to solve this issue and it won’t cost that much money if we all work together. I am not sure that you will even get this letter to read because I know that you are very busy man, but we need to be the difference that we want to see in the world, right? Please let me know if you would like to meet, I make great homemade banana bread and send it all over to my clients and friends. Thanks for listening; it feels good to tell someone that I feel that I can actually help.

Margie Mack

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recession Proof

I am calling what I do "recession proof" because I am amazed at the amount of work I have to do to help people. When I get the call and request for help I move immediately after probing for details about health, physical stats and what the person wants from their insurance and what they can afford to pay.

Everyone that I talk to, and there are no exceptions, wants as much coverage for as cheap as they can pay for it. I keep talking you people over and over again that you must cut the benefits from your insurance so that you can afford to pay for the coverage that you need to have to protect what you own. Nothing else.

I know that we have covered this before and we will cover it again, but I am going to get down off my soapbox and write a letter to our new President. Peace, Margie

Sunday, February 22, 2009


There are 52 Mondays in 2009. There are 52 new Mondays that you can begin again. Have you ever heard the saying “someone has the case of the Monday’s?” That was from one of my favorite movies “Office Space.” All of us are guilty we face each week as something that we cannot control. We view each Monday as the beginning of an unending week, right? I am guilty so guilty of falling into this trap myself. But this year as we face uncertainty in our country with the loss of jobs, homes and benefits we can count on one thing. There will always and forever be another Monday that we will be able to begin again.

Take this Sunday and spend some time and map out your next course. You need health insurance. The insurance industry knows that you need health insurance. The health providers know that you need health insurance. The only one that is skeptical if you need health insurance is you. “I can’t pay for what I want,” well pay for the type of coverage that will protect what you own. “How do I manage paying for health insurance if I can’t have all the benefits that I want included?” Well, you can do like I do. There are minute clinics all over the place that will be a fraction of the cost of a doctor’s office co-pay that you would pay with your perfect health insurance. There are colleges that have dental schools that offer clinics that you can go for to have cleanings and x-rays and simple procedures. There are places like Vision Works, which are all over the country and offer an eye exam for $39.00 and 2 pair of glasses for $99.00.

Come one you can do it. We can do it! We have to save the Earth, save our country and most of all save ourselves. Call me, be the difference that you want to see in this world.